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Mixed Media

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Cole has a deep love of reading developed from childhood to parenthood. These projects were designed to encourage early literacy in children in collaboration with her own children. A free pdf can be requested through email (, but her work can also be supported through Amazon's publishing service. Fry's Words Issue 1 and How Cat's Got Their Colors.


Perpetual Beta: a contradictory statement that represents the following set of works. Perpetual, meaning, always in motion whereas Beta is (in this context) a temporary testing state before the final product. These works are an attempt to (a) dispel the notion that art is ever final and (b) break the polish of digital imagery.

Babyloney: A series of comics on family and children drama.

Goddardian Tales: A collection of sounds and narratives from Alumni of Goddard College.

Modern Madonna Project: A photography collaboration with mothers within the Erie and Crawford county from 2008 to 2013. A book containing their stories and struggles was published in 2013 as a limited edition art book and apron. This project also contains a number of self portraits.

Illustrated Wedding Book: A limited edition art book/comic with cats depicting a couple's journey in marriage later in life and second marriage.  

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