"The innovative cities of the coming age will develop a creative union of technology, arts and civics."

–Sir Peter Hall

© 2017 by Heather Cole​


Mixed Media

Literacy Projects:


Cole has a deep love of reading. These projects were designed in the summer of 2018 to encourage early literacy in children in collaboration with her own children. There will be more to come in the future. A free pdf can be requested through email (htcole@gmail.com or htm2@psu.edu), but her work can also be supported through Amazon's publishing service.


Fry's Words Issue 1


How Cat's Got Their Colors



Other Collections:


Perpetual Beta: a contradictory statement that represents the following set of works. Perpetual, meaning, always in motion whereas Beta is (in this context) a temporary testing state before the final product. These works are an attempt to (a) dispel the notion that art is ever final and (b) break the polish of digital imagery. What you see in many of these works are many "alternate universes," of the original, that Cole has compiled into the 2d canvas. The original exists, still, but in fragments. You have to look to find the pieces left, but also to appreciate the depth the alternative universes provide in understanding the work behind digital manipulation. 


"Art that feeds the soul": Beyond the Perpetual Beta model, these works were designed in consideration of Peter Schumann's Bread and Puppet Theatre. Cole first became aware of Schumann's work during her time at a Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont and was delighted to be an audience member on campus. Since then she has been involved with several "art that feeds" exhibits in Tucson, Arizona. She creates and distributes work on contemporary societal and parental issues to feed her audience's and her own needs. Interested in this concept? Support the Bread and Puppet Theatre!