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Game Projects


As founder of a non profit community game studio and professor of Game Design, Cole has directed and advised the completion of many different, unique games.

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 11.08.12 AM.png


The theme of this jam was "fragile". What's more fragile than the relationship between human development in consequence to the environment? How can we balance our power/food needs with the impact of those on our world? Cole collaborated on the design of this game as well as did all of the artwork for it in a simple, readable vector style. The Godot Engine was utilized for this project.


Appalachian Seed-a-pult

Launch to plant seeds found in the Appalachian region of the U.S.A. Scenes are illustrated based on iconic West Virginian natural landmarks. This game was created for the 2023 Global Gam Jam. It was made in Unity. Cole collaborated on its design/play as well as created its artwork.


The Hearse Song

An homage to her mother, who passed during the game jam, Cole created a short maze game exploring the stages of grief. This is good example of level design, pseudo pixel art, programming, and troubleshooting needed for development. The Godot Engine was utilized for this project.

The Hearse Song.png

Purple House Expanded

"A botanist student takes an internship at very strange greenhouse, called 'Purple House'. They wondered why they were required to sign an NDA." Cole developed this idea out further from its original conception in MonRiverGames. She implemented more of a story wrapper, created about 20 new plants in its original style, and scripted its events through the web based game engine Construct.


Game Portfolio

This year, her classes have been transitioning to using Unreal instead of Unity for 3D games. As part of this transition, students create a game portfolio gallery within Unreal. Cole doesn't believe in asking her students to do something she can't, so she made her version alongside her students. It is still a work in progress, but there's enough together now to be able to create a solid demo reel (as you see on the homepage and the page prior to this).

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 11.31.25 AM.png
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